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Classified Nikon 105mm/f2,8 macro lens with PK-ii ring

Nikon 105mm/f2,8 AI macro lens with PK-ii ring (not shown) in case (worn). Glass clear and clean; little use. Add an adapter for Micro 4/3 or APS-c and here's a magnificent close-up ior portrait lens.

Queensland $180 -
Classified Vintage Sixtino-2 exposure meter

Vintage Sixtino-2 selenium exposure meter in original case; appears to work well.

Queensland $50 -
Classified APO-Componon 95mm/f4.5 M39 mount

RARE APO-Componon 95mm/f4.5 M39 mount, fitted to Eagle M39 bellows, with NEX APS-C adapter. Superb close-up lens for coins, stamps, maps, documents, insects, flowers, and small items where absolute fidelity is critical. Can cover to 35mm full-frame or Micro 4/3 sensors with alternative adapters. Glass clear and clean, lens excellent, bellows excellent.

Queensland $870 -
Classified Nikon AIS 35-135mm zoom

Nikon 35-135mm f3.5-4.5 zoom; glass clear and clean; add an adapter for APS-C or Micro 4/3 and here's a very flexible, one-lens-does-it-all accessory for general and landscape photography.

Queensland $165 -
Classified Vintage Flash Gear

Vintage 1960s flash holder, flash bulbs and accessories as illustrated. Believed to be still usable.

Queensland $40 -
Classified Sigma 19mm/f2,8 NEX

Sigma 19mm/f2,8 NEX mount, with manual and original case bought 2019.

Queensland $155 -