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Godox AD400 carry case

Item is brand new & totally unused. Simply an impulse buy on my part when I ordered one when I don’t really intend to ever use.

Victoria $40
Photo background - high key studio photography

Purchased new in 2018 and never taken out of the box! This is the wider 3.7 metre version for full flexibility! Stands not included. Retails for over $940. Grab yourself a bargain! In use:  Lastolite's 'wipe clean' Superwhite vinyl background can literally be used over and over again. Simply wipe away any dirt or footprints at the end of your shoot, then roll it back up ready ...

Victoria $450
Photography softbox Lastolite Megalite (with stand!)

The huge Megalite 1.8 x 1.2m Softbox from Lastolite is a large, portable softbox that can be used as a floor standing unit or with an optional stand. A silver reflective panel in the softbox provides crisp light with excellent output, using 1 or 2 flash heads. The optional wheeled stand allows the softbox to be raised up to 106.68 cm from the floor, and the rotation of the softbox from vertical to horizontal. Flash heads and the softbox attach directly to the stand, so positioning the unit is ...

Victoria $799