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WANTED Light Weight Woode 5x4 Camera

Wanted, a light weight 5x4" wooden camera - Must be fully a ful;y functional camera for field use Prefer Ikeda ANBA, but others considered

(WA) Quinninup - 04 April 2019 8:54 am
WA $0
Darkroom Safelight: Ilford DL20 incl Ilford S902 & Kodak no.13 screens

The ILFORD DL20 safelight is designed to meet the requirements of the professional user. The lamp comprises a double sided metal housing which mounts to the ceiling via chains. It has provision for two safelight filters; the upper slot holds a standard 10x12in screen and provides reflected light while the lower slot holds an 8x10in screen and provides the wet bench with direct lighting. The lamp is fitted with a 190cm power cord which plugs directly into the 240volt mains plus an E27 screw base...

(VIC) Clayton South - 26 March 2019 8:06 am
VIC $150
Darkroom Paper: 25sheets 8x10in Kodak Panalure EXPIRED

One (1) only 25 sheet pack of 8x10in Kodak Panalure white smooth glossy panchromatic bromide paper. This material is ideal for making BW prints from colour negatives. It's new old stock in its original factory sealed pack. I can't make any comment about the contents of this unopened pack however, a similar batch processed about 12 months ago yielded good results. This item is being sold "as is" on a "no warranty - no return" basis. Available Separately: 10x12in Kodak No. 13 safelight filter...

(VIC) Clayton South - 19 March 2019 3:23 pm
VIC $25
Hasselblad Camera Equipment - prefer to sell as one lot

From my fathers deceased estate. Not been used for a few years but all still in very good condition. He was the President of the Australian Photography Society and looked after his gear. I was keeping it for prosperity but it seems such a waste not to be used. Stored in sealed container with crystals. Would prefer to sell as a packaged item. I’ll consider splitting it after a few weeks if it doesn’t sell. I was on eBay but found I was getting too many fraudsters. Package has two b...

(QLD) Mount Gravatt - 18 March 2019 8:31 am
QLD $4,000
Develop & print 35mm at home: LPL enlarger/copy stand timer film tank etc.

If you shoot 35mm and want to do your own developing and printing at home, this outfit will get you going. The outfit comprises: 1) an LPL enlarger which doubles as a copy stand; 2) a Novex repetitive timer; 3) a Jobo film developing tank; 4) three 8x10 inch print trays; 5) darkroom miscellany including a quantity of bromide paper, a paper trimmer, roller squeegee, yellow lamp. TECH-SPECS: LPL66 enlarger with twin condensor system capable of covering negs up to 6x6cm. It should be noted that...

(VIC) Clayton South - 17 March 2019 9:15 am
VIC $265
Contax 645

Contax 645 - 80ml f2 Lens, 3 120 backs. All excellent + condition.

(NSW) Inverll - 11 March 2019 6:45 am
NSW $4,800
Zeiss Ikon ZM Rangefinder camera plate

Zeiss Ikon ZM Rangefinder camera plate for Arca Swiss compatible clamps L brackets (or can be fitted to most QR plates). This is a custom made plate (no commercially made one is available). Bracket can be fitted by standard ¼ screw to a L bracket or Arca Swiss plate and clamped to any Arca Swiss clamp. $39.

(NSW) Manly Vale - 11 February 2019 10:37 am
NSW $39
Nikon F5 35mm body

Nikon F5, excellent condition, very little use.

(QLD) Newstead - 03 February 2019 3:41 pm
QLD $460