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C-41 bleach concentrate

Unused 1.8 litre C-41 bleach concentrate. This liquid concentrate makes up the second processing bath for Kodak and other C-41 compatible film stocks. It can also be used to remove silver deposits from BW processing trays.

(VIC) Glen Waverley - 23 July 2020 12:42 am
VIC $20
Enlarger lens: Industar f/3.5-50mm M39 ideal for 35mm & macro

Enlarger lens: f/3.5-50mm Russian made analogue of the renowned Zeiss Tessar. Specifications: 4 elements in 3 groups; fully coated optics; f/3.5-50mm; continuous stop down to f/11; M39 "Leica" thread. The 50mm focal length is ideal for printing full frame 35mm; in conjunction with extension bellows it becomes an excellent tool for extreme macro. Condition: the lens barrel is near new in appearance, the optics are free of abrasions, the coating is clear and the projected image is sharp.

(VIC) Glen Waverley - 20 July 2020 5:22 pm
VIC $35
P28 replacement lamp socket

The P28 lamp base was once the standard for a wide variety of still and movie projectors including Bell & Howell, Leitz, Noris, Waterworth and Zeiss. They are mainly used in high wattage applications and do eventually burn out. They are now difficult to source although they are available on indent from Germany at considerable cost. This one is not entirely new however, as shown, the bakelite housing is free of cracks and the copper contacts are free of pitting.

(VIC) Glen Waverley - 15 July 2020 4:49 pm
VIC $10
M42 Auto Extension Tubes: 3 pce set, made in Japan

This extension tube set was made in Japan. It suits Pentax & other cameras with an M42 screw mount and auto diaphragm. As shown, the set comprises 3 tubes (10mm, 19mm, 28mm) which provide a total extension of 57mm. This item is new; it comes with box and instructions.

(VIC) Glen Waverley - 15 July 2020 4:49 pm
VIC $20
Fuji dual 6x7cm/35mm enlarger cum copy stand

The Fujimoto 70M-R is a dual 6x7cm-35mm enlarger which converts into a copy stand. Dimensions: baseboard 45x56cm; column 77cm. Prints up to 12x16 inch are done on the baseboard; in addition, the column swivels for floor projection which provides prints up to 20x24 inch from bench height. The enlarger features a 150watt twin condensor lamp-house with a filter drawer, a 6x7cm split image focussing negative carrier with clip on 35mm mask, one-touch trigger operated height adjustment with stay-put...

(VIC) Glen Waverley - 15 July 2020 4:49 pm
VIC $575
EPX 14.5v 90w 2-pin multi-mirror projection lamp

Unused EPX projection lamp made by General Electric USA. These lamps fit a wide variety of projection and darkroom equipment. This one was my spare. These American made lamps are rather more more expensive than other brands but they do live up to their reputation for long service life.

(VIC) Glen Waverley - 15 July 2020 4:49 pm
VIC $10

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